Your Cyber

Security Team

It is time to engage a cyber security team that affordably elevates your company to overcome the risks and challenges that plague businesses today.

Centristic developed world class tools and solutions that effectively democratize cyber security solutions. Engage us to achieve world-class security and defenses that eliminate risks. Be prepared and knowledgeable so you may leverage the informational tools to that will allow your company to compete into the future.

Our team integrates with your company to provide a complete corporate cybersecurity solution. From Fractional CISO to SIEM and SOC we elevate your company in a way that even Fortune 1000 companies typically struggle. Like you, we are more flexible and faster to respond to new challenges.


Information security solutions that eliminate risks and empower success.

Fractional CISO

A fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) adds the expertise to your executive team to ensure you can navigate the complex technologies and risks that either empower your success or spell your demise.

Managed Infosec

EntraGuard is Centristic's end-to-end cybersecurity management, maintenance, and monitoring platform that secures your data and devices. AI is used to provide instant reaction to threats and eliminate risks.

Infosec Compliance

Whether you require or elect to achieve a compliance standard such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FINRA, or GDPR our experts make the process effortless and ensure audit success. Meet the intention of the standards to be secure.

Policy Management

Foundational security starts with policy. Policies provide a formalized set of rules and guidelines to manage, protect, and distribute information. Information security suceess begins with this critical aspect of Infosec management.

What our clients are saying.

"Within thirty days, Centristic had rolled out an impressive security program that immediately identified and remediated active vulnerabilities and threats. We had no idea Office 365 was not secure out-of-the-box."

Noah R.

Chief Operating Officer | Staffing and Recruiting Firm

To say that I take client confidentiality and information security seriously would be a significant understatement. We were referred to Centristic by a client and they exceeded even my greatest expectations. Whereas other technology partners disappoint us with some regularity, Centristic has been there for us to respond to every requirement. They even solved problems for our other tech partners on more than a few occasions.

Marc G.

Managing Partner | Florida Civil Litigation Firm

“Centristic has significantly improved our cybersecurity program. Our compliance efforts are now stronger, and we have more effective management of cybersecurity.”

James C.

Chief Financial Officer | NY Area Publishing Company

"Post COVID we started to rapidly grow and lost track of the ever-expanding data, devices, people, and communication. Centristic integrated their team rapidly with ours to immediately take control of the sprawl and give us the reporting we needed to verify we were secured by their solution."

Grace M.

Chief Operations Officer | LATAM Private Equity

Centristic came in and helped us build a cybersecurity program from the ground up. Developed a security management framework for us based on cis controls, adapted specifically to our use. I feel much more confident in my company's cybersecurity with them in our organization.

Montiero C.

Senior Vice President | Software Engineering Firm

As a startup dispensary in New Jersey, we were especially focused on regulatory compliance, patient privacy and security, and data security. Centristic worked with us from day one to provide guidance and strategy and make this part of our journey effortless.

David L.

President | Cannabis Dispensary in New Jersey

20 years with Centristic.  50 of our individuals working in 5 U.S locations and 7 remote international locations in 5 countries.  Big security concerns. Highly secure sharing and communication of data and voice for a seamless integration with staff, partners, and clients.

Peter L.

CEO | International Staffing Company

We have been a happy client of Centristic since 2009. HIPAA was a breeze, and the requirements of the regulations actually fall short of the policies and protection we already had in place, thanks to them. Centristic's service and value can't be beaten. I would recommend them to anyone looking for information security services.

Glen B.

President | NY Area Medical Practices

For more than twenty years, Centristic has been safeguarding my business from cyber threats with their expertise and specialized solutions. The continuous support to our internal IT team has proven invaluable and I enthusiastically recommend their services to any business looking to strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Barbara R.

Managing Partner | PR Firm

Staffing and Recruiting
Civil Litigation
Private Equity
Software Engineering
Business Startup
Public Relations